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Old Synagogue of Erfurt

Old Synagogue of Erfurt

such a weird-looking house imo and very old! oldest parts are from like 1094 according to Wikipedia. i like how it’s not destroyed during WWII. simply bc they didn’t know what this building used to be: the N*zis used it to have fun themselves… if they knew that building was a synagogue they would’ve destroyed it obviously and they wouldn’t use it as a ballroom and restaurant. nowadays it’s a Jewish history museum of Erfurt… i wished i visted it tbh. would be interesting. there is also a treasure of gold and silver displayed.

notes: 1. i am not jewish in any way (not that i knew), consider me an ally, that is interested in the culture 2. i posted it simply because i saw someone else posting a picture of a synagogue in Germany and i was like HEY i still have a very old photo of a synagogue on my phone 3. i apologize for mentioning a certain time period 🤷‍♂️ i read rule number 7

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