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Offended by my roommate joking in a new york accent?

My family lived in New York for generations before my moms generation left. Because of that we have a lot of yiddish and brooklyn-inspired slang that we use all the time. My (protestant and pagan ) roommate has started joking around and using that accent and sometimes repeating things that i have said, adding it to her vernacular. I dont think she has been very close to any new york Jews or any Jews really.

It sort of seems like she thinks its a vernacular that is free to adopt the way that people are comfortable making fun of english accents without it being cultural appropriation. Am I just over-PC-ing this whole thing?? Im asking because i get a little twinge of offense when she does it, like shes just freely using cultural features for her own enjoyment that my family has fought to preserve in our vernacular. For all I know she could have already done that but part of me thinks that shes picking it up from me and feels entertained by it. can anyone relate??

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