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OCD nitpicking re: kippot positioning

Lately I feel awkward in a kippah and can never figure out how far back/forward to place it, or if I should change sizes. Especially since getting a really short haircut (I’m male).

I’m talking mostly knit kippot, sometimes suede. When you face yourself in a mirror, chin parallel to the ground or just slightly lowered, can you see your kippah? I see some guys with it way back on the crowns of their heads. Others, it seems like they push it way forward and it’s definitely not centered on the crown.

Without entering frik/beanie territory, how big do you go? Should it hug the whole circumference? Or do you like to wear smaller ones?

Oh- and with the terylene, lined ones, do you position it so that one of the panels is front and center, or so that one of the mid-lines is facing forward? Or not worry about it?

Thanks for indulging my OCD. I tried a search on the forum but most posts were about which type of kippah to wear, not placement on the head.

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