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Observing Shabbat and culture shock

Hi everyone.

Long story short, I moved to a new country and visited the local Chabad House for weekly prayers. I was not a very observant Jew. I recently started coming to Shabbat prayers and other important days. The local rabbi I met asked me to stay at his place after the prayers (because apparently we can’t use bus on Shabbat). I went to his place with his wife and kids.. we had good conversations, had a great Shabbat meal and etc.

However, exactly as Rabbi Yechezkel Brod said in his book about having a meal at a stranger’s house far away from home, I also had one of the most uneasy days of my life. Let alone staying there overnight. I also just waited for the time until I leave the place. I don’t know if anyone had such feelings and what is the exact reason behind this. Every time I go to Shabbat prayers he always invites me and I don’t wanna be so “intrusive” by staying at his place every week.

What should I do?

I told this to him and he told me he actually feels very happy to help a fellow Jew to observe full Shabbat but I also know that he is a human being and would’t want a stanger at his house every week… yet he keeps inviting and I can’t come up with a new reason to take the bus and go home every time. It is not sustainable.

My intention with coming to Chabad House was just to pray on the Friday evening and leave home (I live a bit far so I will take a bus for that) but I found myself in this situation.

Anyone in a similar situation can help me? Is this normal? What should I do? What would you do?

Edit: I am from the former USSR if anyone wonders. Maybe it is a common feeling for people living in the East? Because the local rabbi in my country didn’t actually invited me to his place. I am in North America now. How is the culture here?

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