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Observance Levels In A Jewish Couple

Observance Levels In A Jewish Couple

I saw this tweet and it got me thinking. For one, it’s not such a simple answer. If a man is more frum but the woman isn’t he may have issue with observing nidah on his part and with her not being observant in that matter.

Or the inverse. She may be nidah conscious but he isn’t and they are working on two different wavelengths.

I know men and women aren’t monolithic in that a man can be more/less observant than the woman and vice versa.

Does that difference in Halachic observance warrant a relationship “impossible?”

What do you think, what is easier for a couple with different levels of Halachic observance? The man being drummer and the woman not so frum, or the woman being frum and man being not so frum?

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