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Obadiah 1:20

Following llwing is the rabbi Rashi commentary on obadiah 1:20:

and the exile of Jerusalem which is in Sepharad—who are of the people of Judah who were exiled to Sepharad – they shall inherit the cities of the southland, which are in the southern part of Eretz Israel. The exegetes claim that Zarephath is the kingdom called France in French. Sepharad—“

“who are [with] the Canaanites as far as Zarephath—The exile which is of the children of Israel who were exiled from the ten tribes to the land of the Canaanites as far as Zarephath”

Obadiah 1:19-20 19 Thus they shall possess the Negeb and Mount Esau as well, the Shephelah and Philistia. They shall possess the Ephraimite country and the district of Samaria, and Benjamin along with Gilead. 20And that exiled force of Israelites [shall possess] what belongs to the Phoenicians as far as Zarephath, while the Jerusalemite exile community of Sepharad shall possess the towns of the Negeb.

Question 1: Who are these exiled force of Israelites? When did they get exiled? Why?

Question 2: They are being taken to Babylon; how could they take the Edomites down in their circumstance? Did this prophecy ever fulfilled?

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