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Shavua tov! I (f,24) live in nyc but want to connect more with others in the community! I have a very small group of friends, and want to meet new people. Is there any Persian Jewish synagogues in the city? A place to go for Shabbat? I used to go to Rabbi Boteachs home when he would have weekly talks, but I don’t think he does them anymore. They were lovely. I also am looking to host cooking classes and would love to meet new people to join. It would be really lovely to have that sense of home with a community of people. Please help!! Im not religious, but I am very very familiar with Chabad and my Judaism means so much to me. I’ve heard of iajf, but I dont think they have any events at the moment. Is there other Sephardi groups that you would recommend? Doesn’t have to be Sephardi but it’s just how I grew up! Thank you so much

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