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Not sure if right sub, but is PCMR anti-semitic ?

If I had a Jewish friend I’d ask, hoping this is the right spot.

Do you find the term “The Glorious PC Master Race” offensive?

The author, Ben Croshaw said:

Quite some time ago I coined a phrase in Zero Punctuation … The Glorious PC Gaming Master Race. It was intended to be ironic, to illustrate what I perceived at the time to be an elitist attitude among a certain kind of PC gamer. … I meant it as a dig.

A previous discussion in it’s own sub:

I, a white (probably atheist) dude, have never correlated PCMR to be offensive or related at all to the holocaust. I have always assumed anyone of whatever color or religion could belong to the PCMR as the only requirement is to prefer PC gaming instead of Console gaming. Since both PC and console have any color + any religion there is really nothing to do with religion as whatever religion/race/color you are there is an equal on the other side of PC/Console. About the only divide I could think of is economic as PC will cost much more than a console, but even then, plenty of well off people prefer consoles to dealings with PCs

I am hoping for actual perspective. Even if that means you aren’t interested in the history/origin of the term and are completely uncomfortable with the term “master race” used in any context

Anyways, I am also not a Jewish person, so like some sports teams I grew up with I never put much thought into it before adulthood. This came up in a group chat, talking about stuff that has changed recently. Master/slave terminology in drives/databases, github and others renaming master brain to main, sports teams changing logos/names, etc. None of us could really speak towards PCMR “officially”

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