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Not saying we’re there, but when do we pick up and leave the country we’re in.

As has been our lot through the majority of our long history, we often settle down somewhere and its quiet for a minute or two, and then slowly antisemitism gets progressively worse until it is dangerous and life threatening.

Because antisemitism creeps in slowly, it is hard to notice when it has tipped to a level where its time to leave for safety reasons. Of course one hopes it will not be that way this time, but I feel I should always be prepared. I don’t want to get comfortable enough that I convince myself it won’t happen to me.

I am now the 5th generation of my family that will not die in the country we were born in. Of course there are more generations of my family where that is the case, but I dont have exact records, so I speak only of the consecutive generations I specifically know of.

Antisemitism is on the rise world wide, again… What are the standards one should use to decide if it is time to go, or it is still safe to stay?

I know there is no real specific answer to this, but I’m curious what peoples thoughts are. As someone who saw the country I was born in (Venezuela) go to shit, I understand that things like that can happen anywhere.

TLDR; what is your tipping point for leaving a country due to antisemitism?

P.S. To be clear while for most generations my family left, or were expelled from their countries for reasons related to antisemitism; in my case that was not true, Venezuela had been pretty hospitable until after we left, but because of family experience we were out of there the moment stuff started going bad.

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