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Not Jewish at all, Converting into Conservative Judaism – Imposter Syndrome and feeling i’ll never be seen as a FULL Jew.

Dissuading me from converting will never happen. At the end of the day I’m converting for both HaShem and to join the community, I believe HaShem will accept me in the end at my final conversion step as valid and want the community to as well…

I’m in the process of doing my conservative conversion into Judaism. I agree with Orthodoxy traditions and reasonings 99% however, I am LGBT and not able to just become straight and so an Orthodox conversion is almost impossible as I can’t vow to follow an Orthodox view of Leviticus’s infamous prohibition on LGBT behavior.

Being not born Jewish or any connection to it, I obviously have heard Orthodox don’t accept non-Orthodox gentile converts as full Jews, or any bit of Jewish at all, even after a conversion, and thus i’ll be seen as not really a Jew by most, including Israel.

If someone converts from a non-Jew into conservative, follows all the laws, prays and studies torah daily, studies Hebrew, basically lives as an “Conservadox” shabbat shomer etc and so on, they still are not full Jews according to the Orthodox? Is there any way that someone like this would be accepted as a Jew to an Orthodox, or is it 100% Orthodox conversion required no matter what or basically you are seen as dressing up/pretending to be a Jew since I wasn’t born into it? Is there ever a case where a gentile converted to a Non-Orthdox view and is still accepted for minyan with Orthodox Jews?.

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