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Not celebrating Valentine’s Day…

I doubt I’m the only one here who doesn’t really like to celebrate Valentine’s Day. It’s not all for religious reasons but that’s part of it. Still, sometimes I wonder if I should give in for my spouse’s benefit.

My main gripes are that it’s very commercialized and it comes from a Christian saint. I don’t think most people see it as a religious holiday–no one is confusing buying some chocolates/flowers with going to Catholic mass–but it’s still part of the origin. Mostly, I don’t feel the need to do something special on a day I feel no connection to just because everyone else is doing it.

I buy flowers weekly (on Fridays, before Shabbat), celebrate relationship milestones (dating anniversary, engagement anniversary, wedding anniversary), and generally try to be romantic year-round. And I’ll usually find an excuse to do something romantic coincidentally around the time of Valentine’s Day.

At the same time, I know my wife would probably enjoy it if we did something special for Valentine’s. An extra excuse to express love is always great. And there’s definitely the sort of societal pressure–not that she feels a need to do everything others do but it’s easy to get a little bummed if you see/hear that everyone else is doing something special.

Any thoughts on how you do/don’t interact with Valentine’s Day?

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