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Not a "real" Jew

So I’m not sure if this is going to make sense, but this has been rattling around my mind for a little while.

Recently, I read a relatively well-known book called “The Legacy of Conquest” about the frontier process. In it, the author mentions how the Native Americans were assimilated in two ways, mostly forcefully. They were either completely assimilated, basically no different than a White American, or they were assimilated into what America thought they should be, the way that they were perceived by books and movies until recently.

When I was reading that, I thought that the second reflects what’s happening now, though (thankfully) not as extreme.

I’m sure you’ve all seen comments about how Zionists aren’t real Jews, even Ashkenazi Jews aren’t real Jews, Neturei Karta are the only real Jews, Zionism goes against the Torah, etcetera. These aren’t just some random insults, this is intentional. Far too many people are trying to force Jews into being what they want Jews to be. This doesn’t necessarily mean assimilating us, but it’s somehow even more malicious than that.

Anyway, it’s still a few hours before Chanukka ends, and I just wanted to get this onto paper (screen?) because that’s really what it was all about. The Greeks didn’t reject all of Judaism, but they tried to shape it into what they wanted, what they thought was right. They wanted to take some stuff out and put some stuff in, but they’re gone for a reason, and we’re still here because we didn’t let them.

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