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Non-touching rule and how to be respectful?

First of all I apologise if this isn’t the right place to post this, and I will remove the post if it isn’t.

So I am not Jewish, and I work in a place where I constantly interact with the public. Part of my job requires me to touch and adjust safety equitment that is being worn. Today a family came in and the oldest boy requested that he put his own equiptment on (I would guess he was about 14). For context all the male members had payot and yarmulke’s on.

I am not massively familiar with all the jewish teachings and communities. I had guesses at the time that he did not want to be touched due to being an ‘of age’ male. My male co-worker was happilly accepted to help instead.

I have tried researching but I am getting alot of information which dosn’t truly answer my questions. I am aware of Negiah but I am not sure if that is applicable across all communities. I’m just looking for a simple answer:

Do all Jewish males abide by the rule of not being touched by anyone who is not male, is this the same for females, is it only in certain areas, and what age does this rule apply?

I am only asking so I can be more knowledgable and thus considerate in the future expecially at work.

Thank you!

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