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Non-practicing Person with Jewish Heritage Getting a Star of David Tattoo: Thoughts?

I’m making this post to ask the practicing Jewish community their thoughts on me getting a Star of David tattooed on me.

I’ve grown a lot in my spiritual journeys throughout my life and am considering tattoos to reflect on that. I already have plans to get a Wheel of Dharma to commemorate what I have learned from Buddhism. A Hamsa and Om in appreciation from what I have learned from Hinduism. An Ankh and Eye of Horus as a remembrance of Egyptian religion. As well as Catholic iconography to reflect my upbringing on my father’s side.

I’d also like to get the Star of David for my grandmother who was a practicing Jew herself but I don’t want this said tattoo to be taken negatively, and I’m just genuinely curious about people’s thoughts on the matter.

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