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Non-jewish spouse made Holocaust joke (TW)

Will end up deleting this but in a rage at the moment that culminated in my throwing my rings at my non-Jewish spouse. We are staying with non-Jewish friends of my spouse for the holiday. My spouse knows I am deeply concerned with the rise of antisemitism and have heard antisemitic remarks from his friends and family (including my future in-laws and his aunts and uncles, who will not come to the wedding due to my ethnicity and faith).

Yesterday a joke was made about the Holocaust (a distasteful “oven” joke), which I later and privately told him I found distasteful. Tonight during a conversation about my holding on to handwritten greeting cards and photos of family, he made me the butt of his joke and said it was because of my OCD (when he knows full well it’s because of a combination of trauma from losing my father as a teenager and being a German Jew with very little in terms of family ephemera). I told him this was hurtful and was told I was taking things too personally and am too sensitive.

I feel absolutely disgusted and no longer want to even look at him. He thinks I am mentally ill and can’t take a joke.

Am I crazy? Is this not hurtful? What would you do?

Edit: he also says it’s wrong to dump him because his intention wasn’t to hurt me. I just feel like after a decade together and seeing my real fear over the past 2 years he knows better than to make Holocaust jokes. Right? RIGHT?

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