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Non-Jewish Girl and Jewish Guy…Advice

I am a 22f and he is a 22m. He was raised Jewish. I’m not sure what denomination but I know he observes Shabbat, keeps Kosher, and he said he goes to temple. We have been hanging out for a couple months and he has known this entire time that I am not Jewish. I was raised Christian, but do not actively go to church or pray. I celebrate Christmas/Easter but more as time spent with family and not as a religious holiday. He told me a couple days ago that he wants to get more serious, but he doesn’t know what to do because of his religion.

I have been thinking about becoming more actively religious since around October of last year because I appreciate the community and beliefs behind religion but I didn’t really know where to start. I told this boy that I am open to learning about Judaism. He said he wouldn’t want me to convert for him, which I assured him I would not do. I wouldn’t convert if I didn’t wholeheartedly believe in it. I just am open to seeing if it is something I could believe in. I have very few jewish friends, so I honestly just didn’t ever consider Judaism, but what I have seen from him the past couple months has definitely interested me. Also his mother was a catholic who converted, but he claims that situation was very different, so i’m not sure if he’s just against me converting or conversion as a whole. He has also tried to tell me that conversion is long and hard and he probably couldn’t do it, which is fine but I think I should be the one who gets to make that choice. Obviously this is a little early, but even if I didn’t convert, I have thought about it a little bit and I would be okay raising my kids as Jewish. He also said he talked to his family about the situation and they didn’t say he couldn’t be with me.

If this boy just straight up didn’t want to be with me, that’s fine. But he has shown and said many times that he wants to be with me but feels he cannot because of his religion. Just wondering if anyone has any advice I guess on this situation.

TLDR: as far as I can tell, he wants to be together and so do I, but he feels he cannot be with me as I am not Jewish.

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