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Non-Jewish Family Visiting Jewish Daycare

Goy from the United States here. I hope this is an okay place to ask a few questions.

My wife and I are considering a daycare affiliated with a Conservative temple nearby our home. It seems like a wonderful daycare, and we’re excited to do a tour sometime within the next couple of weeks. My wife is pregnant, and we’re looking to start with infant care at least six months from now.

I was wondering what to expect as well as what I should know.

A few questions which crossed my mind:

  • What might be some of the differences between a secular, Jewish, or Christian daycare?

  • As a guy, should I wear a kippah or a baseball hat or something like that when I go in for the tour? I think visitors enter through the main doors of the synagogue, and you kind of walk past the sanctuary to get to the daycare center. I’ve been there a couple of times before many years ago, but I was just picking stuff up in a conference room and wearing a kippah didn’t even cross my mind.

To make it even more confusing, I think there are two separate buildings, one with the sanctuary and another which is unconnected and next door and that might actually be the one with the daycare. Does that make any difference kippah-wise? I’m sure we’ll get directions once we’re scheduled for the tour

This is getting a little long. But thank you for reading and for your time.

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