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Non Jew just wanting to ask some questions.

Hey guys just want to fling some questions at you as I’m on a little quest to read The Bible, Torah and Quran. I’m doing some souls searching as I’m in some sort of existential crisis, nothing brings me joy and though I’m working on my physical body (diet and exercise my mind is needing some work) any who, how would you guys felt if some random dude came to your synagogue during service to observe? is this even possible? do I have to be invited or what? I’m not sure how to approach this even, but do know I mean to do all this with utmost respect. Anyway I’m sure I have more questions but ill leave it at this for now.

Oh direct recommendations for a copy of your book that I can buy, I mean the best version as I know for example The bible has different versions.

Have a good day guys and be safe out there.

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