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Non-Binary Tznius

As a non-binary individual, I float between dressing in clothes traditionally gendered as “male” and “female” on any given week. Lately, in the process of becoming more observant, I have felt drawn to dressing in a tznius way. Currently I dress in a manner that conforms to the minhag of my community for whichever binary gender I am likely to be perceived as.

I am not completely satisfied with how my adoption of tznius dress is going so far, and I’m interested in hearing how other non-binary or gender non-conforming folks have navigated the halachos of tznius + about experiences of existing in tznius communities as someone who might not visibly conform to the minhag hamakom.

I am also deeply interested in hearing responses to the following – Is a gender specific law tied to the gender identity of an individual, or to the body they inhabit as it is perceived by their community?

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