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Hi! Today I came across this concept/movement and I found it very interesting. It’s called Noahidism. It’s about how non-jews should conduct themselves and live according to G-ds will and that there are seven laws that G-d gave to Noah, peace and blessings be upon him, when He made the covenant with Noah. As a muslim I am already following these, but I found the concept very interesting. How do Jews generally feel about this? Some leaders of these movements say that the seven laws are required but if one want they can carry out all of the jewish commandments including observing Sabbath, study Torah etc. Would this be offensive and kind of like “cultural appropriation”? Or would jewish people encourage it? I know nobody can talk for everyone and that there are different branches who have different opinions and I really hope I’m not coming off as insensitive. I just want to discuss and know what you guys here think about this. Shalom/Salaam

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