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Noahide wanting to pray.

So I used to be a very devout Catholic who prayed everyday. I discovered Judaism a few years ago and was pretty set on converting to Orthodox Judaism. I was getting myself into the practice of observing Shabbat and praying w my Siddur four times a day. Fast forward a yr and a half, I got out of a manic episode, my brain isn’t working as well as it should, and I figure I wouldn’t be able to retain anything if I were to go through a conversion class and stand in front of the Beit Din. So I decided to just live as a Noahide. I also along the way watched a lecture by a rabbi who said that a Gentile should not practice Judaism as a Jew does. So I stopped observing Shabbat and praying four times a day. I decided to just pray the Ana Bekoach 21 times daily instead. After a few months of that, it got tedious and I wasn’t feeling as connected to Hashem doing so as compared to when I was praying w my Siddur. Right now, I just have a longing in my soul to go back to praying four times a day w the Siddur even tho I’m a female and apparently females r only required to pray the Shacharit. I used to not like the Shacharit as much bc it’d take me 1.5 hrs (99% was recited in English and I liked to sleep in) but now that I’m getting a kitten soon, I know that I’ll be getting woken up early enough to pray Shacharit before the time to do so expires. Soo my question: Would it be frowned upon to pray the Shacharit, Mincha, Maariv, and bedtime Shema at the times ur supposed to, as a Noahide? Thanks in advance!

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