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Noachide celebrating Pesach with Jews

Shalom Alechem all. My best friend (A Jewish Baal Teshuvah) is inviting me to NYC for Pesach. Most likely celebrating with a group of mostly Hassidic/Neo-Hassidic/Orthodox folks, with some Reform/Conservative as well.

I have celebrated a few other Chagim with my friend previously, but I’ve been a little anxious that this Chag has some specific laws excluding uncircumcised Noachides (that’s me) from partaking of the Korban Pesach. I would assume that since the Temple doesn’t stand (may it be rebuilt soon) the “Korban” is not actually a part of a modern Pesach, but I admit my ignorance in the fact that I’m unsure if the Pesach meal is a stand in for the Korban that would require me to abstain. Would it apply to the Pesach meal if I was attending?

Separate of the Halacha, I would appreciate any personal thoughts from Jews on what observances might make the Jews attending uncomfortable (so I can potentially avoid doing so). Thanks to you all.

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