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No kosher places in my Midwest town

So I commented yesterday about how I have been eating McDonald’s fries because I was unaware they weren’t kosher, so now I’m just going to make fries at home.

Someone replied to me saying that restaurants aren’t kosher unless they make that apparent, and I live in a Midwest town which is very antisemitic and we have only one synagogue like 30 minutes away from me. I still do my best to go on Shabbat, but it is hard because I can’t drive due to seizures.

The only “Jewish food” in this town is like one aisle in one store, let alone anything specifically kosher. I don’t know what to do when my gentile friends invite me out to eat. I am limited with my diet due to health problems, but have always kept my diet kosher, to my knowledge, by ordering foods that I can digest and that are kosher.

However, now I’m unsure if any place here is kosher at all. Everyone eats pork. I’m freaking out and worried I’m a bad person over this. It is hard for me to cook due to my health problems, so I guess does anyone have any super simple, healthy, and higher calorie kosher meal ideas? I suffer from malnutrition, and work with a dietician who doesn’t understand Judaism at all. She just wants me to gain weight, which I need to, but she doesn’t understand that staying as kosher as possible is important to me.

I also don’t want to stop going to all restaurants ever here, but I also don’t want to eat something that isn’t kosher. I wish I didn’t live in in the “Bible Belt” sometimes. They sneak in pork and bacon and things because it’s common in the southern US, but it really makes me upset. For example, one time, I ordered Mac and cheese, and it had bacon bits that weren’t visible until I tasted them and spit it out. The waitress was like “girl you need the calories and bacon is delicious!” and I was afraid to tell her that I am Jewish due to so much antisemitism and hate here. I just am so frustrated.

Edit: are any fast food places kosher? I have road trips to see doctors a few hours away quite a bit and my friends invite me to those places as well. For example, would a Taco Bell cheese quesadilla be kosher? I just feel like I’ve been doing it all wrong unknowingly and feel awful about it.

Edit 2: I have a feeding tube, for context. I have short gut syndrome, so I have a lot of problems with food. That’s also why this is so hard for me.

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