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No information on Double Named Grandma


After I kept everyone intrigued over at r/Genealogy I came to do the same thing here, (previous post can be found here, aka.. I don’t really think she’s a double agent)

TL;DR about the backstory:

  • Grandma always claimed that she was born in Kazimierz (Krakow) and her name was Rywa
  • My sister traveled to Germany with her in the 90s and claimed people called her Dorothea
  • After she passed away we found several official German & Polish documents under the name “Dorothea Maron” who was born in Tarnowitz to “Maria and Josef Maron”
  • In addition we found several letters from the 80s from other people with the last name “Maron” calling her Dorothea and telling her casual things like “I’m sending a birthday package to mother Maria in Tarnowitz” (Dorothea’s mother in the birth certificate)
  • Grandma always told us she doesn’t want any reparations yet I found that she did request it but was denied (found online an IRO Certificate dated to 1958, she probably requested it)
  • After Dorothea’s father (Josef) passed away in 1973 she requested a copy of Josef & Maria’s marriage certificate from 1934 and actually received it notarized and dated to 1974

Now I need some more specific help, I keep finding documents about Dorothea Maron, I got 120 years of official Church & City documentations about marriages and births

When I search about Rywa I just found that she came to a refugee camp saying her name is Rywa Rubner daughter of Sara Rosenberg and Leo Rubner and that they lived in Krakow’s Ghetto and she managed to escape.

Now the thing is, there isn’t even a SINGLE document with either Rywa’s, Leo’s or Sara’s name I even hired a genealogist on fiverr, he found a ton of documents regarding Dorothea but none on Rywa.

The only documents we found regarding Rywa were after 1946 and only reference refugee camps (apparently she was also married for one month and started using the first “husband’s” name instead of Rubner and 7 months later married my grandfather and they arrived to Israel)

I’d appreciate any leads or sources still worth checking, I went over Arolsen, JewishGen, USHMM and found nothing.

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