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NGL I have been a bit scared for my nieces and nephew, who are Jewish

I don’t know if this is paranoia, or not. I feel I am in a unique position regarding this situation. My brother in law, thus his family, is Jewish. My sister, and him, are raising their kids Jewish. They have Jewish names, ect. ( Correction, they have regular names, but also their hewbrew names, like Margalit,) My oldest niece-in that family- is having a Bat mitsvah next year. We celebrate Chrismukkah, and I have celebrated Passover with them. They are also very liberal, in general, but still are home schooled for mental health reasons. For that, I am grateful. My brother in law’s family are mostly all secular jews, and whatnot. But I still worry about them, too. Two of the cousins are in college, and I wonder how they are feeling. Their mom is a Doctor, and I wonder about her, too. And I’m also super worried about the kids, if they might get bullied, ever. They are activists-especially the older one. So yes, I’m protective. And I’ve been feeling a great loss, and confusion, on how to continue to support, and protect them. I live apart from them, helping my dad out. But when the 7th happened, I did a face time call with all of them. My brother in law is staying out of the whole thing for his own mental health. But yes, I’m unsure of how to protect my family from something so insidious. And I have been considering his family my family, too, ect.

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