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Newbie Question

Hey Redditors of Judaism! I’m super new to how this site works, but I thought I’d ask the community here as I’m a bit out of my depth.

I’m of broad Central European ancestry, and an avid (amateur) family researcher. I’ve gotten a minor amount of Jewish hits from various testing sites, but didn’t think much of it.

Earlier today I got through a brick wall and discovered a great-grandmother of mine whose surname was Cohen, and through some digging discovered that this was a very popular Jewish surname.

I did a bit of research, so I know that it doesn’t make me wholly Jewish or anything, but I thought I’d ask here if that was considered in the community enough to study the culture and religion as someone with (albeit distant) Jewish ancestry and not be deemed appropriative?

I’ve always loved and admired Jewish culture and the food, so I think it’s really cool to have some distant connection, but I also don’t want to step on anyone’s toes.

Thanks so much for any help you could provide me with!

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