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New Wiki: Podcasts!

There’s a new wiki on the block: Podcasts! This has been a long time coming and we finally got it going.

We’re still adding to the list, and we welcome suggestions. The mods are also going through the various posts about podcasts in the sub to make sure we get as many as we can. As with all of the wikis (and life in general), this is an ongoing process.

The categories aren’t set in stone (even if they were, we all know we can still smash this list and make a new one if necessary).

If you recommend podcasts, please also mention an appropriate category for the podcast. If you don’t think any of the existing categories qualify your suggestion, give a category title you think is best. Make it as general as possible so there isn’t just one podcast per category. Also please provide their site link – ideally to their website, not just a podcast app, but if they don’t have a website then an app link is the next best thing.

Edit: you can also see our new automod response about podcasts in the comments section!

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