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New Tanakh-Inspired Art Series

New Tanakh-Inspired Art Series

On the poll that I posted on my IG story, I asked whether people preferred that I keep the piece faceless, or add a face – and an overwhelming majority asked me to leave it faceless, which I reflected on a lot before making a decision.

Influenced by Sabena Airlines travel advertisements of the pre-state Mandate, and Hokusai’s Great Wave off Kanagawa, this piece is a modern telling of the Exodus and the Splitting of the Sea aims to present both a multi-cultural aesthetic form, as well as hint at the “facelessness” felt by women of the religious community – whose faces are cropped out of newspaper articles, or spray painted over on billboards. Were the women who followed Moses and crossed the sea to freedom, faceless as well?

The Hebrew text flanking the freed Israelite is from the book of Exodus (Parashat BeShalah, Exodus 14:22) ויבאו בני ישראל בתוך הים ביבשה והמים להם חומה מימינם ומשמאלם

The Children of Israel came within the sea onto dry land, and the water was a wall for them, on their right and on their left.

Furthermore, do you think I should make this a series, inspired by Hebrew calligraphy, Japanese Woodblock Prints, and Social Commentary – with 10% donated to relevant social causes from each sale? Lmk in the comments

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