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New Mod, Who Dis?

Hiya all, it’s ‘bacon now a mod on your favorite Judaism sub, although the bots are still higher than me..

Anyway I’ve been on reddit for over 12 years now and on this forum for probably 10? In addition I’ve been a part all 3 major US denominations and am currently Orthodox and follow Sephardic customs specifically Rav Ovadiya Yosef. I also mod 2 other subs NeutralPolitics and NeutralNews for ~11 years now.

I’m sure many of you will be happy to see me, and unfortunately some might not. However I believe strongly in fair and consistent moderation which is a major principle on my other subs.

I’m an avid reader of history and have been maintaining the book list on the wiki. I just finished Demons in the Details by Ronis, about halfway through The Origins of Jewish Mysticism by Schafer and started The Heart and The Fountain by Dan as I read up on Jewish ‘mysticism’.

I’m also camping this week, taking advantage of some remote work days. Ask me (almost) anything!

-Ummmbacon, from the wilderness (but with cell coverage)

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