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New Jew to the Montgomery County area…. looking for other nerdy reddit Jew friends! :P

Hey everyone! I’m new to the Maryland/DC area and what can I say, I love it here so far! I moved here about a month ago for an awesome kashrut related job and am enjoying that too. I’m 27, female, and don’t like to put myself into a box, but I keep kosher, attend services every Friday/Saturday for Shabbat, and observe the Sabbath to a subjectively rational degree and love studying anything Judaism related. Obviously being a part of the Jewish community is very important to me for soooooo many reasons!

Anyways, I’m looking for friends! Woman, man, alien, human/alien hybrid, zebra/human hybrid, mermaid/men, and anything in between :P. As you can see, I’m a total goofball that is full of energy and loves life and learning…. a LOT. I’m a woman of many passions, which include regenerative agriculture, grass fed cattle ranching, dogs, the wilderness, backpacking, anything science related, reading, politics, introspection, theology, philosophy, construction, health/nutrition, working out (currently 5x a week at Orange Theory…. loveeee that place!), and public service. I’ve decided to apply to be a foster parent and am very excited about the prospect of helping a child in need. My very un-original goal in life is to dedicate my life to helping and not judging others. I’m in a super awesome spot in my life in every way, and am kind of overflowing with love for everything and need an outlet for it. That sounds super cheesy, but it’s true! I’m not a super cookie cutter type of person and don’t feel any pressure to impress anyone with anything and try to judge everyone (including myself) by their moral character rather than if they passed law school summa cum laude (although that does say something about discipline/personal responsibility) or if they are content just working at a coffee shop.

Anyways, if you just moved to the area or are looking for a new friend or just want to chat about anything in general, throw me a DM! Would love to hear from anyone and everyone!

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