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New and Learning

I’m very new to the Jewish community. I’m still learning and exploring. I was raised Catholic, but left when I was 11 because I didn’t feel a connection to it. My mom is an Atheist and dad goes to Church only on the two major holidays, so they were cool with it. My grandma was the only one really religious and was cool with it too. I explored many religions over the years and about five years ago, I was a practicing Muslim. Nan (grandma) died in 2013 and around 2015/2016, I learned my dad was adopted when he was an infant. Nan wasn’t my natural grandma. I also learned that mom’s mother was adopted and the only natural relatives I have were my Irish ones.

In 2017, I decided to do 23&Me to see what exactly my heritage is. I thought it might answer to some of the questions I had since I was a child, namely why I felt so different from my family. I got the results back and I’m 10% Ashkenazi, 30% Eastern European, 50% Irish, then 5% Scandinavian, 5% Italian. I decided to learn more about my cultures and I joined a local Jewish group to learn more. Islam wasn’t really matching with my beliefs and it wasn’t matching with who I was as a person and I loved being part of the Jewish community. Judaism has resonated with me and so far, I’m finding it to be a match to who I am as a person. Any advice?

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