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Nervous about converting while disabled

I have Jewish ancestry and I’ve been seriously considering converting for maybe five years now. I finally took the step of contacting a (Reform) rabbi, and he was receptive, but some of the things he said make me nervous. Primarily the community based elements.

I’m autistic and for those of you who don’t know, we have social difficulties sometimes that makes being in a big group either flat out scary or really overwhelming – it’s like we’re fluent Japanese speakers dropped in an English-speaking environment. I like people, generally – but I’m always terrified they’re going to misunderstand me or get mad at me, and thus social interaction is exhausting for me because I have to anticipate every single thing and “mask” so I look neurotypical. Masking is exhausting and sometimes I do melt down – it gets to be too much.

My question is, how is the Reform movement in terms of disability accommodations and acceptance? If I ask for large print or subtitles, or get overwhelmed or flappy, is it going to be seen as weird or sinful? I don’t necessarily think it would, but I’ve had bad experiences in the past and I neither want to be offensive nor want to be made fun of or treated like a child.

Thanks for your patience, either way.

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