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Need some help with Hebrew baby names

Looking for some folks who are better-versed in Hebrew than I am to help suggest some potential baby names! We would like to give our child Hebrew names that we would also use as their legal names (i.e. no separate English names).

We would ideally like to name our child after my father, z”l, but feel weird about giving our child his exact same name. His Hebrew name was Yisrael, and he also had an English name, the approximate meaning of which is “thunder.”

Could people suggest some potential names for both boys and girls that are derivative of / share the same root with / are related to the name Yisrael? We’re also open to names with a similar meaning to his English name, or derived from the root of the word thunder in Hebrew… although we aren’t convinced that’s the right way to go.

TIA! We appreciate any and all suggestions!!

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