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Need some advice

So my mom gave me a necklaces with the Star of David. ( we aren’t Jewish, mom is Christian and I’m not. ) I’m worried that it is offensive to wear if I’m not Jewish or Christian. My mom gave me the necklace as a symbol of protection. She is very happy that I’m wearing the necklace but I’m scared I’m offending someone by wearing it. Can someone tell me if I’m right or wrong for wearing it. I saw online that it was okay to wear it if I was in support of Jews and other stuff but I’m so very anxious about it. Thank you in advance 🫶🏼

Update: I did end up taking it off. My anxiety and the pit I had growing in my stomach was just to much. I know the meaning behind it and the historical and spiritual aspects behind it. I just couldn’t bring myself to keep wearing it. But do please keep commenting that way I can learn more. I’ve slowly been learning about the religion since my partner is Jewish.

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