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Need some advice-Boundaries crossed at Schul

Hello all, new here and have been struggling for advice.

Convert to Judaism, and completely in love with my faith. I have been missing Schul though, after a Bipolar episode. Part of what led up to it was what I felt was crossed boundaries at Schul.

As new members, we were to volunteer. This quickly spiraled to gossip from Rabbi and others, infighting, and a constant communication to help every week. To me, a lot of this is similar to situations I grew up with (family dynamics) and it’s been something that is a stumbling block.

I do not know how to move forward, I don’t feel comfortable approaching Rabbi as that’s not how I operate (it’s too hard for me). Has anyone else dealt with this? I’ve been taking time away from going which is a bummer, but I can’t move forward on that part yet.

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