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Need ideas of how to draw someone celebrating Hanukkah

I’m sorry if this isn’t the place to ask, please let me know and I’ll take it down.

I’m in an art exchange game for an online group I’m in, and I was given someone’s character to draw. They asked that the character be drawn celebrating Hanukkah, as the person who owns the character is Jewish and it was a mostly holiday-focused exchange.

My question is, what would be a good way to show that the character is celebrating Hanukkah? I’m not Jewish and I haven’t had the chance to be around many people who are, so I didn’t really know where to start on this. I’ve done some research but I don’t want to just go off of what I see without thinking about it. Would including a menorah be a good idea? I don’t know what could seem disrespectful or uneducated of me to include as someone who doesn’t celebrate.

Any ideas would be really appreciated! I’m fully open to input.

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