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Need help with conversion direction

I have been in the process for converting for about 11 months. For the first couple of months, I was converting reform and I decided I wanted to be more observant. For the last 6 months, I have been converting under an independent conservadox rabbi. I love converting with him and we share many of the same approaches to observance.

But, I feel like my conversion has been thus far lackluster. Our current structure is we meet 2-3 times a month to go over readings and have long discussions about a myriad of things. While these meetings are intellectually very fulfilling, I have done very little “action.” When I ask about what I need to actually do in my house + life to prepare for and practice being a conservative observant jew, the usual response is either “what do you mean?” or “we’ll get there eventually.”

I don’t know any of the blessings, I haven’t done anything with kashrut, I’ve only lit shabbat candles once, and I haven’t been to any traditional shabbat services. Looking at my somewhat-local conservative shul’s website, their Jews by Choice page has a detailed timeline of what a convert should be doing at each month of the process and I haven’t done a single one of them, even after being a (lower case c) conservative convert for 6 months and converting for 11 in total.

Is this normal? Should I be asking for more? Should I try and speak with the conservative shul that I don’t 100% align with?

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