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Need a Reddit break

I joined Reddit mainly to try to address misconceptions about Jews and Judaism that I saw on here. For a while, I really felt like I was making a difference. I connected with people who said things out of ignorance and was able to correct the record in a number of cases. Sure, I encountered difficulties and antisemitic responses, but I figured, that happens to every Jew on the internet so I may as well try to educate those who are willing to listen. I even made some templates and responses to common misconceptions I encountered and got positive feedback on them from Jews and non-Jews alike.

Then the last month happened and I don’t think I can take it anymore. I’ve gotten so many hate-filled DMs, blatantly antisemitic responses to my comments, and even messages from mods insisting that infamous antisemitic libels don’t violate Reddit’s rules. I’ve enjoyed my time on Reddit, for the most part, and I don’t like the idea of stepping away and letting subs become echo chambers of hatred, but I think I need a break for a while. It’s just too much.

Anyone else feeling this way? Any advice for dealing with this? I’m at a loss.

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