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navigating a friendship with someone whose activism verges on anti-semitism

i (18F) am having trouble with a close friend who posts a lot on social media about the conflict. we don’t talk about it between ourselves, but i see her posts and some of the statements make me deeply uncomfortable. i now feel awkward talking to her and can’t seem to forget about it even when we are talking about unrelated things. i don’t think she is purposefully posting things that could be seen as anti-semitic, and i’d like to think that she’d be receptive if i explained my feelings, but since we hardly ever discuss politics i am afraid to bring it up.

her friendship is very dear to me and i would not like to lose her as a friend, but after seeing these posts i have already lost trust in her and it has driven a wedge between us. have any of you been in a similar situation? would you advise to bring it up and try to have a respectful conversation or just try to forget about it? or would it be better to gracefully end the friendship without risking a hurtful argument?

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