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Mysterious way of writing Yud Hey Vav Hey.

So I’m asking for some Hebrew help although I did my best. I read the following account of the proper way to write Yud Hey Vav Hey.

The Holy Name should therefore be spelled first with Yud. First a tip SHOULD BE DRAWN above THE YUD, then a tip in the middle OF THE YUD, and a tip at the bottom OF THE YUD. Then IT BEHOOVES US TO WRITE Yud Hei, which never separate from each other, in the shape of the letter Hei. THAT IS, FIRST A YUD SHOULD BE DRAWN AT THE UPPER RIGHT ANGLE, THEN TWO LINES SHOULD BE DRAWN FROM IT, ONE UP AS A ROOF AND ONE BELOW AS THE RIGHT LEG WITH A SMALL LINE AS THE LEFT LEG. THE FORM OF HEI should be drawn first as Vav ו, then Hei-like this ה. ONE SHOULD FIRST DRAW VAV AND THEN DRAW FROM IT THE SHAPE OF HEI. These matters were expounded to me by my father. And when I come by these words, I say them thus, because it is a token from my father; NAMELY, THEY WERE THUS TRANSMITTED TO ME. A man should be careful with the Holy Name, to write it in this manner, for this is how it is proper. If it is not DONE IN THIS MANNER, it is not considered a Holy Name but is considered defective. And he who renders the Holy Name defective, it were better if he were never born.

“Never born”? Yeesh! Help me out here, yall.

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