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My weird family history with Judaism. Advice would be welcomed!

Needing advice as I’d like to become more involved in religion. Kind of a long story!

My grandmother was born into a Christian family and raised her children as such. However, she converted to Reform Judaism after the Christian community widely shunned her and her son when they found out he was gay and had tested positive for HIV. She poured herself into her faith and learning about Judaism, and became extremely involved, and has been since then. My mother is Christian, as she was raised (she was fully grown when my grandmother converted). I grew up in a house with my grandmother and my mom (we all lived together for many years) and both religions were celebrated. We had Hanukkah dinner parties and a Christmas feast. My mother has never been extremely active (prayed and celebrated but didn’t really go to church), and my grandma had to be moved into a dementia care unit just as I was becoming old enough to make my own decisions about religion. Since my mom wasn’t active in her faith, I stayed in limbo for a while, believing in something, but not knowing what. I’m now in my twenties and decided to immerse myself in learning about both religions and I still connect most with Judaism as I did when I was younger. I remember a lot about the history and know the reasons behind the celebrations but I have much to learn still. I was raised in both religions, but never “formally” welcomed into either. If I wanted to become more active in Judaism, would I need to undergo a conversion even though I was never truly of another faith, or would it be enough for me to study and take classes while attending services? I’m unsure of the logistics here and by no means intend to offend anybody. Just looking for guidance as I’d love to get more involved and just need a push onto the right path. If you read this far, thank you, and I’d love your feedback and advice. It’s been a long road but I finally feel like I’ve found where I belong. Just need to figure out how to make it official!

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