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My sociology prof made me and my friends uncomfortable when talking about antisemitism. Are we being too sensitive or should we say something?

My sociology professor covered extremist groups and Kanye in one of our last lectures last semester and the format of the class seemed really just not okay. Prof began the class with an email from a student, a quote from Elie Wiesel in response to the prof defending extremist groups in the previous lecture. The quote was about oppression, and he went on to say how you can never tell who the oppressor is. (video of him reviewing quote)

He then went on to discuss antisemitism and its history in relation to the recent celebrities’ blatantly discriminatory views towards jews. The prof asked for an observant christian volunteer to discuss the matter with, despite my university being 10% jewish. Then, he proceeded to try to get the class to empathize with nazis. I was sitting with 2 girls who were also jewish and they were absolutely mortified. But, we felt we couldn’t say anything because of the position of power he holds as a tenured professor. Do you think this is antisemitic or am I being too sensitive?

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