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My relationship is taking me further away from Hashem

Hope i can get some advice.

Met an amazing protestant guy, we just entered a relationship. Spent 4 days away with his family who’s also amazing. One problem though, i feel as if the relationship is taking me further away from Hashem.

I don’t feel Hashems presence as when i am with other jews. They all eat pork, their daily diet contains of shellfish in the summer. I have to admit i ate shellfish and pork when i stayed at his families place. I told my mom and she was furious (we are fairly observant jews, she’s never even looked at pork in her life). She thinks he’s no good.

I dress pretty tznius, but when we were at the beach and we were trying to tan, i didn’t have a bathing suit (that usually covers me up). Then he suggested “why don’t you just take all your clothes off, tan naked, be free”. I was so shocked. Like he looked at me like some kind of alien for thinking it was a ridiculous idea? He is super nice in general, best most loving guy. His mom even made me “kosher” food as in cooking me meat that was not with pork. But still, i feel as if being with him and his family makes me lose my jewish identity and observance, and makes me do things i shouldn’t be doing. I’m completely in love with this guy. I don’t know what to do.

Is this relationship going to ruin my relationship with Hashem? Can i make this work? Is it hopeless?

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