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My proposal for a movie: The Last Jews of Afghanistan

So we may or may not know the story. Afghanistan once had two remaining Jews, who both hated each other and continuously argued over ownership of the synagogue. They accused each other of being secretly Muslim or tried to get each other executed. At one point the Taliban captured them, then released them both bc their squabbling was so irritating. The feud only ended when one died of old age. So here is my proposal

Movie title: The Last Jews of Afghanistan

Producers: Mel Brooks and Taika Waititi

Poster concept: dreary black and white image implying it’s a serious sad movie

Actual tone: maniacal comedy

Cast: – Sacha Baron Cohen as Zebulon Simentov (younger jew) – Taika Waititi as Yitzchak Levi (older one) – Riz Ahmed as exhausted Taliban official – Jeff Goldblum as equally exhausted documentary filmmaker

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