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My opinion on Natan Sharansky 🇮🇱✡️

I like natan sharansky. He is a Jewish man who fought for the right to immigrate to Israel from the Soviet Union. He was imprisoned for years in the Soviet Union. He made Aliyah, was head of the Jewish agency, he tried to strengthen the ties between Israeli Jews and diaspora Jews. He grew up Jewish in the Soviet Union, he was an assimilated Jew. I was reading an article about Natan sharansky and in it he was saying there was no identity in his life while growing up. After the six day war he started reading about Judaism and Israel. He learned that many Eastern European Jews helped build the Jewish state. He in his own words says as a Jew, he discovered he had a history and a people, the Jewish people. I just think his story is so inspiring. I just hope Jewish people hold on to their identity and cherish it, because the Jewish identity is a special identity imo. The fact is Jewish people belong to a people that take care of each other and that is so special imo. You see I’m not even Jewish lol but I am so inspired and impressed by the Jewish people and Jewish peoplehood, and I think the Jewish story is so admirable and inspiring. So I hope you all cherish your Jewish identities and don’t throw your wonderful heritage away 😉 May Hashem bless you all 😊 And thanks so much for reading!!! 😁👍

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