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My muslim co-worker wished me happy pessach – she was the ONLY one

I work in this company since 2017. Everyone knows that I’m jewish. I told my department that I won’t come to work next week because of pessach. They said something like: “Yeah, okay, seeya! Bye!” No big deal.

One dear colleague of mine placed a delicious package of organic grape juice on my desk. Attached was a card with well wishes and even the term “pessach sameach” was written on it!

I started to cry. Never ever before had ANYONE wished me happy pessach in this company! I was so happy and touched and full of emotions. The colleague who gifted me the grape juice is an observant muslim from Morocco. She even has extended family in Israel – arab Israelis.

Guys! I’m happy! Truly. For a second I even had the thought of: “We’re somehow cousins … maybe peace might be an option after all?”

Shabbat shalom!

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