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My mother was Jewish, but I have not seen her since I was 13 and my dad (who is not) raised me Baptist. Would I need to convert if I decided to practice Judaism?

Hello, I’ve been considering practicing Judaism for some time but the Jewish part of my identity is honestly kind of confusing to me. I knew my mother for the first 13 years of my life and she was Jewish, her family was ethnically ashkenazi and moved here from Germany some time in the 1900s. I’m not exactly sure when, she wasn’t very religious, but I know parts of her family were. I’ve never really felt like I am a Jew, but it is half of my lineage, and I know generally the mother being Jewish is what matters in traditional practice. I just have never felt like the Baptist church was for me and now that I’m considering religion again, maybe Judaism is. I don’t really know to be honest. Any advice/answer is appreciated.

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