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My Jewish FIL goes down in anyone who eats pork, but will eat lobster. Is it wrong to be annoyed?

I live with my wife, her cousin and her parents. The cousin is Jewish, but isn’t observant and eats pork. The cousin is respectful and will only cook it in his area downstairs of the kitchen and doesn’t use any of our kitchen appliances for it. He also will never bring it up to our kitchen and keeps it in his own fridge

My FIL always shit talks him about it, even if he just goes out and eats pork at a restraunt and posts it online. Whenwhen the cousin mentioned cooking a new dish for Passover, FIL first response is asking if there’s pork in it and the cousin got mad and told him no.

Meanwhile my FIL has no problem ordering a big dish of lobster / crab when going out. It seems very hypocritical

I am Jewish, but I wasn’t raised in an observant home. It seems there is a hierarchy of what other Jews seem is okay to eat and what isn’t. I feel like my FIL is in no place for judging his nephew when my FIL doesn’t eat completely kosher. He says pork is the worst or the worst and the idea of Jews eating it makes him cringe.

Any input on this? It’s confusing to hear another Jew feel so strongly about something when they aren’t even that observant themselves with being kosher

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