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My in laws from my late husband invited me to church. Should I go?

I was raised Protestant and was deeply devoted from a fairly young age. I married my high school sweetheart, who attended the same church growing up, and we had two wonderful boys together. I lost my husband when his heart suddenly stopped in January 2014, we were both 31 at the time. A few years later, I found love again with the most amazing man who just so happened to be an Orthodox Jew.

I won’t drag this out with all the details in between but as our relationship became serious, I became an Orthodox Jew, we married, and I moved across the country from LA to NYC with my boys to be with my new husband. Things were great and my late husband’s parents were mostly very supportive of me, even in moving their grandchildren cross country, which I held so much gratitude for. However, the one thing they never seemed too thrilled about was my decision to leave Christianity for Judaism and the implications it would have. They made a few comments I felt were insensitive such like “can’t you be both Christian and Jewish for the sake of the kids”. I sympathized with them over how suddenly everything was happening so I was always very gentle in my responses.

Fast forward to present day, my husband just turned 27 and I’m turning 42 in May. We are currently expecting our 5th daughter together and couldn’t be at a happier place in life. Our boys from my first marriage are 17 and 14 and over the past few years, they each made the decision to follow Judaism. As you’d expect, my in laws weren’t happy at all. They were rather cold towards me when they’d come out for their annual visits and my sons informed me they tried to talk to both of them about it and pushed them to reconsider. I was livid. I sent them a pretty nasty text informing them to never bring up the topic again around me or my boys. They eventually backed off but are clearly still bitter over it and I don’t really trust them at all if I’m being honest.

The sister of my late husband and I have remained close. She’s always been very accepting and understanding over our decisions unlike her parents. She recently had a baby. The in laws sent a text inviting us to attend the baptism next month at their home church. I’m very conflicted as I want to support the baby/mom if that’s what mom wants but she isn’t the one who texted, but then again she’s never been one to pressure anyone. I feel as if my in laws are using this to get my boys and I back into the church for ulterior motives, which is laughable at this point, but I wouldn’t even want to give them the time of day if that’s what this is truly all about.

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