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My girlfriend has a YouTube channel, and I want to become a Chozer B’teshuva: Should I care?

My girlfriend has a YouTube channel that focuses on fashion and travel. As someone who’s considering becoming a Chozer B’teshuva, shoud I care? It’s not a sexually provocative channel, but there are several things I’m not a huge fan of. Here are a few examples:

  1. Even though it’s not sexually provocative, many men message her there, and some of them happen to be married. She never responds to them, but I think it’s a perfect example why Jews practice modesty.
  2. Maintaining a YouTube channel is a lot of work. I think she could use some of that time for more productive endeavors (particularly spiritual ones).

The channel is geared towards women, but Orthodox Jewish women can’t even access it on their kosher phones. That should probably be all I need to know if I want to become a Chozer B’teshuva. Therefore, I think the answer I’m looking for is self evident: I should care, and I should tell her how I feel before our relationship becomes more serious.

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